Calendario dell'avvento per WordPress

Creating an Advent Calendar for WordPress can be a great way to impress site users during the Christmas season. In fact, we often find ourselves inventing marketing activities related to Christmas to celebrate the holidays and, let’s face it, also to show our site visitors that we are always on the spot.

Having an Advent calendar on your website is also a way to make the site come alive by displaying fun, engaging and current content.

Let’s not forget that thanks to the classic formula of physical Advent calendars we are all used to, having a digital one means guaranteeing traffic on your pages, since users will most likely come back the next day to open a new box and find out what is in it.

How to create an Advent calendar in WordPress

If we think of starting from scratch with the creation of a real Advent calendar on WordPress we will probably run into a series of technical issues that will slow down the work. Furthermore, as often happens, we realize that we have this need too late to start an ad hoc development and therefore there would be no technical time to implement everything.

Thankfully, as is often the case with WordPress, there is a plugin that takes care of everything. It’s called SantaPress and it’s a tool made specifically to have a beautiful Christmas calendar on your WordPress site.

SantaPress: Advent calendar plugin for WordPress

SantaPress is a truly exceptional plugin: with a few clicks it allows you to configure and make a real digital Advent calendar operational on any WordPress site.

It is possible to decide how many days Advent is made up and, for each of them, to create a personalized content that can only be opened and enjoyed from the established date.

We can use this tool to offer the most varied contents:

  • Quotes;
  • Pictures;
  • PDF or other files;
  • Discount coupons for your ecommerce or shop;
  • Video with Christmas wishes.

Obviously these are just examples; the use of the Advent calendar is left to our imagination and it is therefore up to us to find the right content to give to users.

How the SantaPress Advent Calendar plugin works

In this video you can see some features of the plugin administration area:

As you can see, the configuration of SantaPress is very intuitive and does not need any special study.

In conclusion

SantaPress is a really effective tool to create an advent calendar for WordPress in a short time and at a very low cost. Surely the returns in terms of image and traffic on the site totally compensate for its low price. It therefore remains the most recommended plugin to achieve this and give your website a beautiful Christmas look.

Download SantaPress by clicking here.

Sfrutta al massimo WordPress

A few little Christmas extras

SantaPress isn’t the only Christmas plugin we can install on our WordPress site. There are many other very nice ones and in many cases also very useful. Here are my favorites.

The 5 best Christmas plugins for WordPress

  1. Snow 3D – Allows you to have the snow effect on your site;
  2. MMX (Make Me Christmas) – Adds Christmas decorations to the site;
  3. Christmas Card – It allows you to create Christmas greetings with dedications for your users;
  4. Merry Christmas – a coming soon mode entirely dedicated to Christmas;
  5. Christmas Rain – a snowfall of Christmas icons

Featured image by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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